We specialize in exporting outboard engines abroad. The engines we ship are shipped with insurance and packaged with extra care to prevent transport damage.

The costs depend on the location where the outboard engines need to be sent. If you send us your shipping address, you will receive a shipping quote within 1 day. We do not charge any costs for the transport crate and packing of the engine.

As shown in the photos below, we ensure that each outboard engine is neatly and safely packed so that the engine is well protected when transported abroad.

Buying an engine for business
If you have a company abroad and you want to buy an engine from us through your company, you can buy it from us excluding VAT.
The conditions are that you have a valid VAT number and that the payment is made by the same company. Cash payment on delivery is not possible for a business purchase (private purchase can be paid in cash). With our offers you can also see the prices of our engines excluding VAT.

Buy an engine privately
If you, as a private individual, want to buy an engine from us and have it delivered abroad, you must pay the Dutch 21% VAT. Many of our engines that we sell in Europe are personally delivered by us. This means that you can also pay with cash when we come and deliver the engine to you.
When we deliver the engine ourselves the transport costs are usually lower than when we send it with a courier, because we do a combined transport with multiple engines. Ask us for the transport cost and delivery time if you want us to deliver the engine with a combined transport.