Assembly of outboard motors

All outboard motors supplied by us can be professionally mounted in our workshop in Hellevoetsluis. We have more than 22 years of experience in supplying and assembling all brands of outboard motors (see photos under "delivered"). We have a heavy lifting installation which makes it possible to mount even the largest engines on your boat.

Mounting large or twin outboard motors

Because of our extensive experience in building large engines, you can confidently leave the assembly of your used or new engine to us. The installation of double or even three double motors is also no problem for us.

Mounting outboard motors in a bun

We are also specialized in mounting engines in sloops where the engine is often mounted in a bun. When mounting in a bun, the exhaust system of the engine (via exhaust hose and skin grommet) must be connected to the outside of the boat to ensure proper operation of the engine. If this is not done properly, the exhaust gases will "hang" in the bun, causing the engine to run erratically and even to stall.

Assembly of hydraulic controls

As a specialist in hydraulic control systems, we can professionally install a hydraulic control system in your boat at a fixed low rate.

Assembly rates

Mounting an outboard motor up to 200 hp 350 euros.
Mounting outboard motors in a bun 500 euros.
6 and 8 cylinder outboard engines 500 euros.
Hydraulic steering for outboard motors up to 150 hp 175 euros.
Hydraulic steering for engines up to and including 350 hp 200 euros.

For all other activities we charge an hourly rate of 55 euros.
All rates include VAT.

If you make an appointment for the installation of an outboard motor or hydraulic steering, it is often (except for high season) installed within 2-3 working days.

Boat transport / Trailer rental

If you do not have a trailer for the transport of your boat, we can arrange this for you. We can also arrange for you to collect / load / return your boat.

Always make an appointment

An appointment must always be made before bringing your boat.
It is also possible to bring your boat on Sunday or in the evening.
To visit our showroom or to make an installation appointment, please call us at the number below.
Tel: 0181-328785 (also on Sundays)

Veerweg 7
3224 AW Hellevoetsluis
Telephone: 0181-328785